The Resurrector is Now on Presale

Starting July 23rd, The Resurrector is on presale on Indiegogo. Part of publishing it with New Degree Press, I require to show there is enough interest in the book and momentum is built. This is where the presale campaign comes into place. The campaign is not just to buy the book, but to support me in this process. Contributing to […]

The Resurrector’s Trailer is Here

In the land where every stone is sacred and the sea holds ancients secrets What is the one you lost would come back to you? Can you right your wrongs and get the closure you need? Would you want the Resurrector’s help? Coming December 2021 Voice credit: Dotan Shenhav

Farmer J

By Moshe Mikanovsky First published on The Nabu Review, Issue 003, Nov 4, 2018, Paragon Press “Thank you dear,” the older man nodded, and sat down in the empty chair. “You are welcome,” Liu said, adjusting in her new seat. The plastic felt cooler under her thin stockings. I should have worn a longer skirt, she thought, but still not […]