The Resurrector

Can someone be brought back from the dead? Could it change the life of the living?

The Levi family is in their darkest hour. The sudden death of Nir, the middle child, launches a dark journey filled with moments of light and hope. An estranged father and son, a loving older brother, and a religiously devout but sad younger sister, are threaded together by family ties, in a religious enclave in Israel and the greater unknown. The traditions of Judaism, grief, loss, and mysticism come to life through their eyes.

At the Jewish week-long mourning period—the shiva, a mysterious stranger arrives and sets into motion a series of events that are both tangible and otherworldly. It is a journey to discover the bonds that have both broken and healed this family. It is up to the reader to decide what power the Resurrector has, but one thing is certain—it is important to heal relationships with loved ones before it is too late.

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