The Resurrector – Dictionary

Hebrew and Jewish terms used in The Resurrector:

Aliyah (made aliyah)Jewish person immigrating to Israel
AmidaMain section of the daily services, performed standing up. On weekdays called also Shmone Esre
BagruyotIsraeli matriculation exams
Baruch HaShemThank God
Baruch rofeh cholimBlessed is He who heals the sick
BechavodWith respects
Beit haknessetSynagogue
BeshertSoul mate
Bet, Resh, Aleph, Shin, Yud, Taf. The 6 Hebrew letters spelling “Bereshit”, In the beginning, Genesis
Bnei Akiva Shevet Ma’alotYouth group “Bnei Akiva”, group named “Ma’alot”
ChassidishOf the Hasidic way
Chevra KadishaA Jewish organization who see to it that the bodies of deceased Jews are prepared for burial according to Jewish tradition and are protected from desecration, until burial. 
ChiloniSecular person
Chumash BereshitFirst book for the Torah, Genesis
ChutzpahNerve, gall, the quality of overstepping boundaries with no shame
Eliyahu HanaviElijah the Prophet
Eretz IsraelLand of Israel
FarbrengenJoyous gathering
GabbayAn officer of the synagogue
Hachnasat KallahHelping poor young women get married
HalachahJewish law
Hamakom YenachemMay He comfort you
HavdallahCeremony marking the end of the Sabbath
Hesder YeshivaIsraeli yeshiva program which combines advanced Talmudic studies with military service in the Israel Defense Forces
HeterimLeeways in the Jewish law
KaddishHymn of praises to God recited after the dead in their memory
Kibud horimThe commandment of respecting thy father and mother
KippahBrimless cap worn by male Jews
L’chaimTo life
Ma pitom!No Way!
Ma’arivThe evening religious service, one of 3 daily
Magen David AdomRed Star of David, emergency medical services
Mechaye HametimThe Resurrector
MerkazCenter, the center metropolitan surrounding Tel Aviv
MezuzahA parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house.
MinchaThe mid-day religious service, one of 3 daily
Minyan10 men required for praying together in the daily services
MishnahFirst written form of the traditional Oral Torah
MishnayotThe smallest unit in which the Mishnah is divided to (paragraphs in chapters)
MitzvahCommandment of the Jewish law. A good deed done from religious duty.
MohelA person who performs the Jewish rite of circumcision.
MotekSweetheart (endearment)
Parashat HaShavuaWeekly portion of the Torah
PashkevillesUltra-Orthodox posters
Pikuach NefeshPreservation of life
Refuah shlemaSpeedy recovery
SchnorBegging for money
ShabbatSabbath, Saturday
Shabbat IrgunAn annual Sabbath celebration by the Bnei Akiva youth group
ShacharitThe morning religious service, one of 3 daily
SheitelWig (for a woman)
ShivaA period of seven days’ formal mourning for the dead, beginning immediately after the funeral
Shmone Esre18 blessings, part of the weekday’s daily services. See Amida
Shomu Shama’yimHeaven forbid
SidurPrayers book
TaharahPurification of the body for burial
TallitPrayer shawl
TalmudA central text of Rabbinic Judaism
Tizku L’MitzvotMay you merit good deeds
TorahThe 5 books of Moses
TzadikRighteous man
Tzadik ben tzadikRighteous man son of a righteous man
TzadikimRighteous people
Tzitzit4 cornered garment with tassels tied on each corner, worn by observant Jewish men
UlpanaReligious high-school for girls only
VayeshevAnd he sat
YeshivaReligious high-school and high-education institute, for boys/men only
Yetzer ha’rahThe evil inclination
Zichrono Livracha (Z”L)Blessed be his memory