Live Podcast – Two Authors Chat with Nick Narbutovskih

Live Podcast – Two Authors Chat with Nick Narbutovskih

Nick Narbutovskih is one of the fiction authors in my cohort of new authors, publishing our new books with New Degree Press in December 2021. We had the opportunity to go live on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

In this session, we interviewed each other about our author journey, which author inspires us, what our book are about, and which character we love the most in out book. Nick talked about his Sci-Fi opera book Steel in the Blood, while I talked about The Resurrector.

Although we have very different scopes to our books, Nick’s an amazing imagination in scope (both in time and space), and my book, with a very limited scope of my background upbringing, they are both still dealing with the human condition and relationships.

Have a listen to our chat here, and also check out our presale campaigns in the following links:

Nick’s Steel in the Blood

Moshe’s The Resurrector