Join my next adventure called Lady Subway

I have started writing my next book, Lady Subway, and it’s going to be awesome! At least I think it is!

To make sure it is really AWESOME, I need your help!

I am going to select up to 20 readers who will get each chapter as they are ready, to read and provide me with feedback. This way, your feedback can make the book so much better!

Are you interested?

First, you probably want to know what Lady Subway is all about! Read on…

The digital announcer on the Toronto TTC subway train had had enough! She is tired of the day-in day-out endless rides on the subway line. She is tired of the selfish people who come and go in droves. She is tired of the same dark tunnels, same drabbed stations, and endless cold weather.

She wants out.

So one cold winter night, she kidnaps a train car with all it’s passengers.

Thus starts the story of Lady Subway, as it follows the stranded passengers, in their not-so-finest moments, one helpless TTC worker, who might (or might not) save the day, and the all present, all knowing, Lady Subway.

Are you interested now?


Let me tell you what it will mean for you:

  • You will receive new chapters on regular basis as I complete them.
  • You will be asked to provide me feedback about each chapter (in a form that I will send with the chapter).
  • You will be mentioned in the book once I publish it.

Interested? Awesome! Please fill the following form, and I will let you know when I choose the 20 readers, and how this will work.